Family & Juvenile Law

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Family & Juvenile Law

“I can’t even begin to describe how rewarding it feels to advocate for a child, or to help a whole family in their most difficult time. In the Child & Family Clinic I was able to do this, and years later I still work in family law. Arizona Law faculty gave me an outstanding education -- one that helped me understand the law, policy, and emotional dimensions of this area of law — and I am grateful to have had such good training.”   Rebecca Stahl, Class of 2008

The law governing family relations affects all of us in our private and public lives.  With the definitions of marriage, parentage, and intimate partnerships in flux, family law is a fascinating, challenging, and dynamic field of study. 

Our curriculum in family and juvenile law encompasses a range of courses relating to family formation, family dissolution, and the responsibilities of spouses, parents, and intimate partners.  Topics include marriage and divorce, relationships outside of marriage, parent-child relations, community property, juvenile justice and child welfare law, adoption, domestic violence, and immigrant rights.

Together, teachers and students tackle fundamental questions:  What policies contribute to the health of children and families in our diverse society? What principles should guide the resolution of family conflict? How can we better serve clients facing family disruption? Are our laws representative and protective of family realities?

Arizona Law’s commitment to training effective and skilled lawyers is well demonstrated. Through clinical offerings, we equip students to represent children in the child welfare system, victims of intimate partner violence, and refugees and immigrants who have faced gender-based violence and discrimination because of their lack of status. Throughout our curriculum, we explore alternatives to litigation as a means of resolving family conflict. Our students also regularly earn academic credit through externships in family and juvenile court. 

Our Domestic Violence and Child & Family Law Clinics provide critical services to those in need, as well as excellent training for future lawyers. JD students can earn a certificate on completion of requirements, and MLS students can specialize in family and juvenile coursework, with a broad and comprehensive curriculum.

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Barbara Atwood
Mary Anne Richey Professor Emerita of Law

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Negar Katirai
Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Gender Justice Workshop
Visiting Fellow, European University Institute

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Tammi Walker
Associate Professor of Law and Psychology

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