Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property (IP) law is one of the fastest-growing areas of law.  It deals with building the legal foundation for managing innovation and promoting progress, whether that’s assisting researchers working on a new cancer treatment or helping artists and performers protect their music, designs and other creations.

Arizona Law’s IP program is loaded and includes:

  • Full and varied IP Curriculum
  • IP Specialization Certificate
  • Practical Experiential IP Classes and Programs
  • IP and Entrepreneurship Clinic
  • Participation in national IP Moot Court competitions (patent and trademark)
  • Participation in USPTO Law School Certification Program (patent and trademark)
  • Hub for the State of Arizona under the US Patent Office Pro Bono Program
  • IP Law Review (Journal of Emerging Technologies)
  • Running IP Industry Conferences

As part of a world-class research university, Arizona law also works with scientists and technologists across campus to help them protect and commercialize their ideas.

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