International Trade & Business Law

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International Trade & Business Law

The International Trade & Business Law  (ITBL) program provides candidates with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to understand the international law of trade, investment, currency and financial transactions, and intellectual property.

Since 2015, the ITBL program has operated under the direction of Professor Sergio Puig, an expert in the field of international economic law. In addition, Professor David A. Gantz, founder and director emeritus of the program remains substantially engaged with program operations and with degree candidates.
Under the program, students with a JD or equivalent degree from a different institution can earn a Master of Laws (LLM) and Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD). University of Arizona JD students can earn a certificate that demonstrates substantial knowledge about the makings, interpretation, enforcement, and future of international economic law.
The ITBL program works closely with the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy program directed by Professor Robert Williams. Through intense collaboration between the two specialized programs, Arizona Law helps students explore how international law can address today’s global problems through courses like: International Trade Law, International Investment Law, Human Rights and Business, International Business Transactions, International Arbitration, International Organizations, Public International Law, International Taxation, Commerce, Migration and Social Justice, The Law of Regional Trade Agreements, and Complex Litigation. 
The unique beauty of Tucson’s setting, along with its rich history and cultural diversity through its Native American, Mexican and Spanish forebears, have made it a near-ideal setting for research and graduate-level studies. The proximity to Northern Mexico and Arizona’s leading role in U.S.-Mexican trade and investment provide excellent opportunities for student research and practical experience in the area of international business. Many faculty members and graduate students are engaged in research and teaching relating to South America, Asia, Africa and Europe as well.
It is our expectation that successful JD and LLM graduates of the program will be well-prepared for future careers in legal practice, industry and government service. The SJD is a rigorous and selective program, mainly designed for prospective scholars interested in teaching in the field of international economic law and policy.

Key Contact

Sergio Puig
Professor of Law
Director, International Trade and Business Law Program

Phone: 520-626-1659
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