Coronavirus Information for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff are encouraged to work from home but are permitted to be on campus to perform essential duties. 


Online Teaching & Technology Support

Visit the college Fall 2020 Teaching Resources & Strategies intranet page to quickly find access to resources that will help you find support and to develop teaching strategies. 


Policies, Planning & Support

No, we will (and must) follow the University’s lead in all operational decisions. 

The College of Law COVID-19 home page displays the College’s current operational status at all times and includes links to the latest university policies and updates.

Visit to see the latest university information, including the University’s current and upcoming Instruction Stage (State 1, Stage 2, etc.), policy updates, latest communications and more. You can also watch President Robbins’ weekly reentry briefings at, where he announces the Instruction Stage status for the following week.

The College of Law New Safe Return Plan outlines the following mitigation efforts: 

  • Campus access is restricted to Arizona Law faculty, staff, students, and pre-approved visitors with official College of Law business;

  • Each person must complete the Wildcat WellCheck and take their temperature before coming to campus;

  • Each person must test negative for COVID-19 before coming on campus. The university offers free testing for students and employees.

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times;

  • Student schedules, classroom arrangements, and teaching modifications are in place to limit on-campus population density and facilitate social distancing;

  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout College of Law facilities;

  • Physical plant monitoring and sanitization measures have increased;

  • Traffic flow patterns and interior spaces have been redesigned where necessary to reduce risk of transmission; and

  • All members of the University are required to complete online training in UAccess before returning to campus. Arizona Law will also share training videos demonstrating changes to the College of Law campus.

Yes. All parts of the College of Law currently have restricted access. Check our COVID information page for current restrictions and policies for students and employees.

No visitors except for pre-approved guests with official College of Law business are allowed in College of Law facilities. Faculty, staff and students are not permitted to bring family members or other non-law school guests into the buildings.

The New Safe Return Plan (Sec. 4.2) outlines more details around student access to the College of Law campus for class, work, and clinics.

Yes. Face coverings are mandatory. The University announced on June 16, 2020, that face coverings are required on campus. The City of Tucson also issued a Proclamation effective June 20 to require face coverings in public settings.

Read the UArizona Directives on complying with Face Coverings:

Those who cannot wear protective face coverings must participate in all College of Law activities remotely. The Disability Resource Center explains accessibility considerations

Signs around the College of Law and information on the College’s COVID-19 information web page inform the community about mandatory face coverings in College of Law buildings. If you come to campus, please wear a face covering and keep it on while you are in the College of Law, including in the Law Library.

According to the CDC, “it’s important for everyone to practice social distancing (staying at least 6 feet away from other people) and wear cloth face coverings in public settings. Cloth face coverings provide an extra layer to help prevent the respiratory droplets from traveling in the air and onto other people.”

During Stage 1, there should be no meetings on campus except amongst those employees and students who have permission to be on campus for work or for approved “hands-on, in-person” clinic and externship components. 

For Stage 2 and beyond, the College’s New Safe Return Plan (Sec. 11.4) follows UArizona guidance for meetings:  

  • With limited exceptions, online meetings are the preferred venue for all meetings. Exceptions include:

    • if the meeting’s content will be significantly compromised by meeting online; or

    • if the meeting can be held safely outdoors and kept to the standards outlined in numbers 2 and 3 below.

  • According to the UArizona Physical Distancing guidelines and CDC recommendations, employees should avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

  • In-person meetings may be held only if 6 feet of social distancing can be maintained throughout the meeting. 

  • Attendees will wear masks throughout the meeting.

  • Online participation must be offered to anyone unable to attend the meeting in-person.

Please direct students who are facing challenges to Dean J-C immediately and we’ll work with them in every way possible to help them be successful this fall.

For those in Tucson, there is a UA Campus Pantry where any member of our community can obtain free groceries.

The College of Law expects all members of the Arizona Law community to embrace the Plan and follow the guidelines set by the University and the College in our Safe Return Plan. 

The college’s Pledge for a Safe Return summarizes the required behaviors. We are all in this together and we need everyone’s cooperation in order to keep the College of Law campus as safe as possible for those learning, teaching, and working on campus. 

Those who do not comply with the New Safe Return Plan and all university and college rules will not be permitted to participate in College of Law activities in person. 

For all matters involving non-compliance with university directives, rules, and regulations, we will consult with the Dean of Students and follow issued protocol, remedies, and resolutions for students; and with Human Resources for employees.

COVID-19 Testing and Illness Protocols

Yes, and you must take an antigen test and receive a negative result before returning to campus in person. The University offers three types of COVID tests for the University of Arizona community. Please visit the university’s Test, Trace, Treat page for complete information and testing availability and instructions.

Arizona Law adheres to the COVID-19 Workplace Positive Case Protocol For Supervisors. This Protocol provides step-by-step instructions for employees, supervisors, and department heads in the event of a COVID-positive employee in the building; or if an employee is symptomatic; or if an employee comes into close contact with another who tests positive for COVID-19.

If an employee is working on campus and tests positive, the employee should tell their supervisor so that the supervisor can initiate the protocol. The supervisor will NOT reveal the employee’s name to anyone. The supervisor will notify facilities and have the relevant work areas cleaned, initiate contact tracing, and comply with reporting requirements. 

The protocol also includes important privacy guidelines and a helpful flowchart when an employee tests positive. Campus Health provides additional SAFER guidelines and forms for self-reporting and supervisory reporting

If an employee is symptomatic, they should stay home -- or go home -- and contact Campus Health and get tested for COVID.  

If an employee is in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they should follow University-established protocol

All employees should familiarize themselves with this protocol as we return to campus.


Generally, if a professor becomes incapacitated, another member of the Arizona Law faculty will cover classes until the professor is able to return to teaching.  A professor who is unable to enter campus but is able to teach remotely may elect to teach a class or clinic remotely. If this is not feasible then a professor’s absence will be treated just like any other absence due to illness, and alternative arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.The College of Law will follow ABA Standards (see Ch. 3, Sec. 310) for the guidelines on classroom instruction.

Arizona Law will adhere to the University COVID-19 Positive Case Notification Protocol for Students.  Additional guidance is found in the Instructor FAQ and includes the following:

  • If students become ill, how should or will the instructor be notified?
    Only close contacts of someone who tests positive (within 6 feet for greater than 15 minutes, per CDC guidance) will be contacted to let them know to take extra precautions. That is, it will depend on the particulars of the class, and the class meeting schedule, as to whether a specific instructor will be contacted. The identity of any test-positive students will not be shared, however, since health information is to be treated as strictly confidential at all times.


  • If a student approaches an instructor about a positive test or exposure, what is the notification protocol?
    Please encourage the student to work with Campus Health if they have any ongoing health concerns and/or don’t have another provider to work with, and also ask the student to follow this Campus Health Guidance.

  • If a student becomes ill, does/should the instructor have an obligation to alert students who may have been in close proximity to said student during their class?  
    No. The instructor MUST keep all student health information strictly in confidence. Our Contact Tracing team will reach out to close contacts of the test-positive individual.

Please see the Campus Health SAFER guidelines and forms for self-reporting of a positive COVID test for additional information. 

Classes, clinics, and externships have processes in place to facilitate remote participation if a student is unable to participate in person. Students also have access to customary University and College of Law medical services.


The University is committed to providing wrap-around support for students diagnosed with COVID-19. (Guiding Principles #3.)

Students who become ill should contact Dean Jordan-Curtis, Dean of Students, and Dean Brooks, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, to discuss accommodations related to the illness and options for completing the semester. A wide array of options are available depending on each student’s individual situation.

Please remember there are Emergency Funds for students as well as Faculty/Staff who are struggling financially:

There is also a UA Campus Pantry where any member of our community can obtain free groceries.

Students who live in La Aldea will be asked to isolate in their assigned room since each resident lives in a single room with restroom. However, there may be circumstances where campus health will recommend that a resident of La Aldea isolate in the Babcock dorm, the designated isolation dorm for residential students. Regardless of isolation location, the graduate student will have the same support and resources including tele-medicine and meal plan support if requested.

Students who live off-campus should isolate at home and not return to campus until cleared by their physician. The University has provided the isolation dorm to several students living off-campus, so students should request this option if they like. UArizona provides a comprehensive guide to those isolating at home and telehealth options. We are actively urging University administration to provide assistance such as medicine, meals, and grocery deliveries.

Professors and employers are being flexible with students who become ill during the semester. The College is making every effort to work with students so that they are able to complete their work and have a successful semester. 

Additional return to campus guidance is in the New Safe Return Plan, section 4.7.

Academics & Classrooms

The changes to the fall calendar for our JD, LLM and SJD students are:

  • Fall break has been shortened by three days. We will be holding classes on Mon. Oct. 5 - Wed. Oct. 7.  Thus, fall break will be two days, Thurs. Oct. 8 - Fri., Oct. 9.  

  • The three days gained from shortening fall break allows us to cancel classes the week of Thanksgiving, Mon. Nov. 23 - Wed., Nov. 25.

  • Per UArizona guidelines, classes and final exams after Thanksgiving will be fully remote.

  • If public health data and the University allow, the Law Library will be open to the Arizona Law community through the end of the examination period. Check our COVID home page for current building access rules.

View the full College of Law Academic Calendar.

BA in Law, MLS 500-level courses, and UA Online courses will run with the University’s Academic Calendar.

All classroom layouts have been redesigned to achieve 6’ distancing with in-person attendees. Additionally, class times have been adjusted and class sizes will be limited by the Red and Blue schedule (half of the students in-person and half online every other week). Please see the College’s New Safe Return Plan, Sec. 6.0, for additional details.

The Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library is open to law library staff only during Stage 1. 

Library staff are working in the library Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm, to ensure you have what you need for class, research, and teaching. We can scan print materials, page and deliver books, provide interlibrary loans, and consult on your research projects. Please visit our website for more information on Stage 1 services.

When we transition to Stage 2, we will welcome students to the library 24/7 according to the red and blue schedule. We have implemented an online reservation system so that students can reserve individual study rooms, tables, and carrels without worrying about social distancing and availability. We will share further information when we move into Stage 2.


Every College of Law class, regardless of modality, is assigned a classroom. During the weeks when students are permitted to be on campus per the red/blue team plan, they will have the option to participate in Live Online classes in the assigned classroom indicated in their course schedule. 

Students may also participate in Live Online classes from home or from elsewhere on the university campus, such as an outdoor space. They do not have to be in the assigned classroom. 

However, the Law Library or other College of Law spaces are not open for students to use to attend their online classes. 

Note: if a student happens to be on campus for an essential in-person element during Stage 1 and they are not able to return home before a Live Online class, they may arrange for a space in advance with Bryan Wilson ( or Bernadette Wilkinson (

The College of Law and the University have been providing support and training to our faculty on best practices for online and hybrid courses. The College has a faculty committee chaired by Professor Barak Orbach dedicated to online learning and a studio where faculty can record high-quality sessions.