Environmental Breakfast Club

The Environmental Breakfast Club, now entering its 17th season, consists of more than 100 faculty and staff from all colleges at The University of Arizona, who share interests in natural resources and the environment. At a monthly session hosted by the College of Law, a speaker shares aspects of his or her current work. The sessions aim to appeal to those beyond the bounds of the speaker’s discipline. 

This forum enhances communication across departments and colleges, which is a critical aspect of the interdisciplinary approach of the Environmental Law, Science & Policy program.

2020-2021 Schedule

9 – 10 a.m.

Sept. 4, 2020 
Dr. Charles Gerba
Professor, School of Environmental Science
Topic: Sewage Epidemiology: Tracing the Course of the Pandemic
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Oct. 2, 2020 
Dr. Greg Barron-Gafford
Assistant Professor, School of Geography & Development, and Environmental Science
Topic: Agrivoltaics: Co-locating food and energy production for a more sustainable future.
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Note: this recording is only about 15 minutes because it was accidentally stopped and restarted.

Oct. 16, 2020 
Dr. James Buizer, Professor, School of Natural Resources/Environment
Dr. Katharine Jacobs, Professor, Environmental Science
Topic: Arizona Institutes for Resilience
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Nov. 6, 2020 
Dr. Armin Sorooshian 
Professor School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Topic: Perspectives on the Agent Responsible for Uncertainties in Climate Change and COVID-19: Aerosol Particles
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Dec. 4, 2020 
Dr. Jessica Barnes
Assistant Professor School of Planetary Sciences  
Topic: Moon's Water: Past, Current & Future
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Feb. 5, 2021 

Dr. Jennifer McIntosh 
Professor, School of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Topic: Where is the bottom of groundwater?
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Mar. 5, 2021
Dr. Karletta Chief

Associate Specialist, School of Environmental Science
Topic: Indigenous Food, Energy, and Water Security and Sovereignty (Indige-FEWSS) during COVID-19
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Apr. 2, 2021
Marie Pearthree 
Civil Engineer, Hydrologist, Water Management, Author
Topic: Tucson Water Turnaround: Crisis to Success
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