Environmental Breakfast Club

The Environmental Breakfast Club, now entering its 15th season, consists of more than 100 faculty and staff from all colleges at The University of Arizona, who share interests in natural resources and the environment. At a monthly session hosted by the College of Law, a speaker shares aspects of his or her current work. The sessions aim to appeal to those beyond the bounds of the speaker’s discipline. 

This forum enhances communication across departments and colleges, which is a critical aspect of the interdisciplinary approach of the Environmental Law, Science & Policy program.

2018-2019 Schedule

9 – 10 a.m.
College of Law Faculty Lounge, Room 237

Date Speaker Topic
Sept. 7, 2018 David Moore How long do trees live? Why longevity matters
Oct. 5, 2018 Rod A. Wing   Exploring 15 million years of genome diversity across rice and its wild relatives to help solve the 10-billion people question
Nov. 2, 2018 David E. Breshears   Climate change, tree die-off, and ecoclimate teleconnections
Dec. 7, 2018 Daniel B. Ferguson
Science to support Southwest climate resilience in a rapidly changing world
Feb. 1, 2019 Gautam Gowrisankaran, Ashley Langer
Escalation of Scrutiny: The Gains from Dynamic Enforcement of Environmental Regulations
Mar. 1, 2019 Cathy Kay South Africa’s “Dam” Water Crisis Pre- and Post-Apartheid
Apr. 5, 2019 Erin Ratcliff
Printable Electronic Devices