i4J receives Utah Supreme Court’s Office of Legal Services Innovation approval for two medical debt pilots

One-third of all Utah debt collection cases are filed against people experiencing medical debt. The Medical Debt Legal Advocate pilots will empower community healthcare workers at Holy Cross Ministries and non-lawyer advocates at AAA Fair Credit and People’s Legal Aid to give limited-scope legal advice to medical debt defendants. They are the first pilots in the nation to empower non-lawyers to give legal advice about medical debt. 

i4J’s Cost of Eviction Calculator quantifies the COVID-19 eviction crisis

The Calculator empowers housing advocates to leverage local and national data to demonstrate the number of people at risk of eviction in their community and the estimated costs of providing emergency shelter, inpatient and emergency medical services, child welfare, and juvenile delinquency services to evicted community members as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Calculator has been featured in New York Times, CBS News, the Associated Press, Shelterforce Magazine, and Arizona Public Media.

i4J conducts the first usability evaluation of online dispute resolution in the U.S.

Users are ready for online courts: the challenge—and opportunity—now is to integrate human-centered design into the expansion of online dispute resolution so the technologies employed are useful and intuitive for all users. i4J partnered with the Utah State Court to conduct usability testing of its online dispute resolution system for debt collection cases, and recommended actionable strategies for improvement.

i4J designs and launches a Licensed Legal Advocate pilot for domestic violence survivors

A partnership with the Arizona Supreme Court and Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, i4J’s LLA pilot is the first in the nation to empower non-lawyer advocates to provide trauma-informed, limited-scope legal advice to domestic violence survivors. LLAs help survivors navigate the legal system to obtain child support, spousal maintenance, and fair and equitable property and debt divisions; this pilot will produce research regarding the benefits to survivors when unauthorized practice of law policies are adapted to permit non-lawyer advocacy.

i4J and eight institutions in documenting the risk of widespread displacement and homelessness during COVID-19

The United States is facing the most severe housing crisis in its history, with an estimated 30–40 million people in America at risk of eviction due to COVID-19.  In this report, i4J partners with eight institutions to aggregate the research quantifying the magnitude of the COVID-19 housing crisis and calling for policy intervention. The report was cited in the CDC Order mandating a national eviction moratorium and has been featured in New York Times, NPR, Forbes, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, CBS News, and MSN Newsweek.

i4J leads the way in bringing social justice innovation to legal education

There are 205 ABA-approved law schools in the United States; ten of them house legal innovation programs.  i4J widely shares its projects, its methodology, and the inspiring work of its students to demonstrate that project-based, community-engaged social justice innovation is a value-add to legal ed.