The Bacon Immigration Law & Policy Program generates immigration policy research, expands opportunities for students to gain exposure to immigration issues, encourages the interdisciplinary engagement with immigration issues, and provides services to immigrants in Southern Arizona. The Program serves as an umbrella for all the law school's immigration-related offerings, including its Immigration Law and Workers' Rights Clinics, doctrinal courses, internships, and opportunities to undertake supervised research on immigration issues.

Arizona is an unparalleled place to research the on-the-ground effects of federal and state immigration policies. The Bacon Program offers students opportunities to become involved in policy research projects, and particularly focuses on research on the impact of immigration enforcement policies on vulnerable populations.

Our student opportunities include the Immigration Law Clinic and the Workers' Rights Clinic. These clinics allow students to serve immigration detainees and low-wage immigrant workers in Southern Arizona, under the supervision of experienced immigration law attorneys.

We conduct significant outreach in Southern Arizona, giving informational presentations and collaborating with other UA Departments and local organizations.

Arizona Law's Immigration Law Students Association (ILSA) is active on campus and in the community, annually sponsoring a naturalization ceremony for new citizens, hosting speakers and workshops, and facilitating relationships with the immigration law bar.

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Lynn Marcus
Co-Director, Immigration Law Clinic & Professor of Practice