Intellectual property (IP) law is one of the fastest-growing areas of law. It deals with building the legal foundation for managing innovation and promoting progress, whether that’s assisting researchers working on a new cancer treatment or helping artists and performers protect their music, designs and other creations.

Along with standard courses in patent law, trademarks, and copyright, you can take specialized classes ranging from sports law to cyberlaw to bioethics.

Our nationally recognized experts in IP and information law include Derek Bambauer, Jane Bambauer, Toni Massaro, Chris Robertson, Katherine Barnes, and Barak Orbach. Our students lead other efforts in the field, including an IP and Cyberlaw organization and an IP moot court team that competes nationally.

Arizona Law’s close ties to Tech Launch Arizona and the Eller College of Management give you a real-world understanding of IP issues, and our growing cadre of IP practitioners in Arizona and across the country serves as a resource for advisors and mentors who can help you put your skills to work in externships.

As part of a world-class research university, Arizona Law also works with scientists and technologists across campus to help them protect and commercialize their ideas.

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Derek Bambauer
Professor of Law

Allan J. Sternstein
Professor of Intellectual Property